Note from the Nurse About Medication August 2017

If your student requires medication at school, here are the steps you need to follow:

Over the Counter medications  - request and sign the Over-The-Counter form for a medication that you can purchase without a doctor’s prescription.  Return the form with the medication to school.  Please note that the medication will be dosed according to the package directions.

Prescription Medications - request and have your doctor sign the Physician’s Orders form for the prescription medication your student requires.  Return the form with the medication to school. The doctor can also fax an order from their office using their own form.  

The fax number for the nurse’s office is 636-542-7266.  Any fax to this number will go directly into my e-mail.  New this school year, the forms are now available on the Westhoff Elementary website.  

Call the clinic if you have any questions regarding medication.  

Nurse Bean