Prop 3 for Maintenance, Upgrades and Additions
Prop 3 for Maintenance, Upgrades and Additions
Posted on 02/22/2018
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  Fort Zumwalt’s Proposition 3 is a no-tax-increase $35 million bond issue on the April 3 ballot. The district’s 31 facilities, 27 of which are schools, were most recently assessed at more than $550 million. Regular maintenance and upgrades ensure safe, welcoming learning environments for our students and staff and protect taxpayer investment.

  Prop 3 would provide funds for maintenance of roofs, parking lots and heating & cooling systems. It would provide funds for continued upgrades to computer network infrastructure and building interiors. Additions are needed at Flint Hill Elementary to eliminate mobile classrooms and at North High School to accommodate a growing student population. A new Professional Development Center, capable of providing our teachers adequate learning space and tools, is also needed to keep student achievement moving forward.

  Prop 3 is a no-tax-increase issue. The district collects a debt service levy for paying off bonds (loans) used to fund capital improvements such as maintenance, construction or land purchases (currently 69 cents per $100 of assessed valuation). Strong financial stewardship allows Fort Zumwalt to borrow within the limit of the revenue generated by that 69 cents, so no increase is required to repay the $35 million the district would borrow through Prop 3.

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